Kelowna Photographer Josie Jaggers

Photography that never goes out of style...

I fell in love with photography as a young teenager and took hundreds of pictures of my friends, animals, flowers, and just about whatever else would fit in my viewfinder. Now I am married to a wonderful man whom I love very much. We have 3 beautiful little boys of who I take hundreds of pictures so I never forget all the special moments of their lives.

I absolutely love taking pictures of children and families, and capturing those special moments of love between a bride and groom. I am always so honoured when I am chosen to be a part of someone’s special wedding day. It is my mission to make you feel special and beautiful through elegant and natural photography.

As I'm sure you can tell, "people photography" is what I love the most. I have undertaken many other types of photography styles such as architectural photography and landscape photography. Although the results have always been great I found myself continuously drawn back to the energy of children and the beauty of weddings. I love meeting new people and the excitement of making my clients look and feel beautiful. I love being able to capture each special moment in a photograph that lasts a lifetime.

Regardless of how long I have been a professional photographer I am always in the process of learning the art of photography and expanding my craft. Every photo shoot I do is unique, offering me more opportunities to learn and expand my art. As I learn more and more along the way I find myself enjoying each step of the creative process of photography - even the often tedious task of editing!

The style that I aspire to is classic, romantic, and elegant. Much of my inspiration comes from award winning photographer Bambi Cantrell. Her photography really speaks to me and challenges me and my creativity. I shoot on location, both indoors and outdoors, but of the two I prefer outdoor photography. I find I can be so much more creative with outdoor backgrounds and natural lighting.

If you would love to remember, in vivid detail, the special moments of your wedding day, the precious stages your child’s life, the growth of your family, or you just want some creative photos taken of you, please contact me! I have designed a number of great photography packages to meet your needs in the most cost effective way possible. I am also more than happy to create a custom package to accommodate your specific requirements and budget.

Thanks for visiting Josie Jaggers Photography! Please call or email me any time and I would be happy to address any questions or concerns that you may have. I look forward to meeting with you and helping to make memories that last a lifetime!


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